Supporting senior management team with internal / external networks

I'm going to be working with a university senior management team, new in their roles, firstly to help them develop their internal networks to boost collaboration in order to offer more interesting / valuable courses to students, and also more innovative opportunities for research. And secondly to develop their external networks in industry to develop opportunities for internships etc.

We'll be starting with some development sessions on understanding, analysing and developing networks, developing relationships management skills, and developing external partnerships.

They're all academics so the development work is going to have to be quite theory heavy, but then I don't want them to get so into the insight and analysis that they forget the need for practical actions.

If you were doing this, what would be the top areas of content you'd want to cover, and are there any key approaches you'd want to use?

Or if you've developed your / other senior management teams in similar areas what have you found worked well / not well?

Thanks for any insight you can offer