Welcome to this community, and to the forum - for discussions and asking / answering questions etc. My first question is how well is the community organized for you?

In the member profiles, I have asked you to identify your experience in a number of areas (which potentially contain a number of sub-areas)

Strategy (including social responsibility, external relationship / customer capital etc, plus the role of emergence)
Analytics (eg organisation / social network analysis)
Organization design (changing structures, reducing hierarchy, etc)
Workplace design (the physical workplace)
Digital workplace (the virtual workspace)
HR & management processes (how these change to develop social capital)
Groups & networks (operating in different types of group eg project teams, communities and distributed networks)
Organization development (intra, inter group and whole organization interventions)
Management / leadership (including community management, communityship, network leadership etc)
Change & adoption (empowering / bringing people on board)
Individual development (developing collaboration skills and avoiding overload, etc)
Relatedness (the research behind social capital)

Are these the right topics?

Also, I think over time we might need separate groups, which could contain blogs and forums, for each of these? - let me know what you think or if you'd like a particular group to be created (and to become the group owner for it)...

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  • I think these are the right headings. I think we need a common understanding of what social capital is and how this relates to things like engagement, culture, organisation development. I’m happy to share my experience of using the SC model for every aspect of people management

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