I 'met' my second new community member last week (on  a skype call).

Andras got into organisational networks through physics as his father was into gene protein interaction networks, and also psychology, with a growing focus on sociometry in Hungary around the time Andras did his Masters and PhD.

As with my previous conversation with , Andras and I talked about the state of social capital and why this tends to be overlooked in comparison with human capital. For Andras this is about it being about living organisms, which are less controllable, and involve emotions and trust etc. So being able to provide some KPIs helps organisations engage with it.

We also discussed Andras’ company, Maven 7, and its two main product areas. Influencer is a change management survey based tool helping identify the most influential int terms of social connections, but also their capabilities - the best problem solver, innovator etc - people who might not be that well connected but still have strong influence because of these particular strengths (hence ‘maven’ in the company name - I forgot to ask about the 7). And Excellence which is a real time feedback app which can be integrated into an email system to provide group and cross group insight on the strength of collaboration.

Did you catch his and ’s webinar recently? https://orgmapper.com/adaptive-space-webinar-package/

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  • Many thanks for the great discussion Jon! I really enjoyed it. We still have a lot to do to spread the word on the power of social capital in organizations but it is much better to work together on this in a community with like-minded people. Let's continue our dialogue! 

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