As well as sharing ideas and information and encouraging discussion on social capital, I’m really interested in how we develop social capital within this community, and what doing that could provide us all. So I’ve loved having a number of opportunities to talk with community members over the last few months:

This conversation with took place weeks and weeks ago - sorry Jocelyne - but here’s my summary, so you can all benefit from our exchange, and the community will gain from tighter bonding.

Jocelyne has a background as a visual designer who was struck by the beauty of structured network graphs and led her on to becoming a data analyst. She learnt about SNA herself during her Masters on design and research and connected with Karen Stephenson to learn more and gain practice through consulting.

Her interest is in application vs pure research and although we agreed that analytics is becoming more important Jocelyn noted that we are doing it more largely just because we can, and that we’re not thinking enough abut the data that we’re capturing.

Jocelyne is still interested in the presentation of network information too - and uses her background as a designer to do this, as well as tools like Cytoscape for presenting complex analytics (changing colours, line widths etc) and Illustrator for further tweaking. We also talked about the benefit of interactivity and Jocelyne mentioned Kumu where you can put up a network on their online platform and people can them click on it to explore further.

We talked a little about my recent article on formalising the informal. For Jocelyn, this is about changing something dynamic into something else more static. Formalising informal networks is difficult because they are dynamic. Organisational structure provides a framework, but this is separate from the relational network.

Community is about personal as well as professional connection and Jocelyne told me she loves travel, and has recently been to Portugal But she generally works remotely so although she’s based in Idaho fancies the idea of being a global nomad too.

Finally, if any of this has sparked your interest, Jocelyne is currently looking for her next project or position.