It is soon time to reflect on 2018 and prepare for an even better 2019.  Are you aware of all the information which has been shared on this community during 2018? 

If you’ve not seen some of these, please do take a look, and if something resonates or provokes you, add a comment, or perhaps write another post as a response?

Happy holidays to all!


Esin Akay - An Empirical Study of HRM Systems, Human and Social Capital Development and their Influence on Innovation Capabilities


Jan Hills - If the future of organisations fear free?


Emmanuel Gobillot - Network Analysis - Handle with care


Michal Gradshtein - A Few Thoughts On Patagonia’s Culture Of Collaboration


David Gurteen - Reframing questions: from an individualistic perspective to a community one


Jeppe Hansgaard - Why Organizational Network Analysis is a MUST-KNOW Tool for Leaders


Cristina Harangozo - Investing into Social Capital (SC)- internal leadership coaching, culture and agility


Jon Ingham - Importance of Social Capital


Jon Ingham - Why Focus on Social Capital?


 Jon Ingham - Warmth, competence, psychological safety - it depends...


Jon Ingham - Becoming Indispensable


Jon Ingham - ESNchat on Enterprise Social Networks and Social Capital


Jon Ingham - Connected Commons Webinar


Jon Ingham - Top Posts from September - December


Sandra Ingham - Top posts from July


Sandra Ingham - Top Social Capital Articles from August


Greg Newman - Using Organizational Network Analytics (ONA) to measure the impact of Leadership Development


Bill Parsons - How Social Capital became central to the People Strategy of ARM Holdings plc


Erik Samdahl - Report: How to Avoid Collaborative Overload


And in the forum:

How are you leveraging social capital ideas and research insights in your organization?


What is the first thing that someone new to social capital should do?